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The Addams Family by Beatrice Bencivenni

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a little girl in the grocery store just asked me if i was a princess because my dress was pretty and i said everyone’s a princess and she pointed to her dad and asked if he was a princess too and her dad said yep its true im a princess and she looked so happy idk it was adorable


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i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

make a movie.

the movie would be set entirely in the office of one over-worked insurance agent answering phone calls and in the window behind him we see various Super Heroes destroying things

Cast Amy Poehler

but can you imagine if the agent was saved by like a superhero or saved many times, so now they are their biggest supporters and act just like Amy is on parks and rec, and how in love she is with the parks.

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how the pussy should be eaten:

  • like it’ll pay off all their student loans.
  • like the key to happiness is buried in there.
  • like they’ll be granted a tax free life.
  • like they heard the fountain of youth was in there. 
  • like it’ll grant you three wishes for whatever you heart desires.  
  • like its the last supper and you trying to be the 13th disciple.
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The Pacific + women

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Can we talk about how Diana literally picks Barry up and carries him in celebration?

Wonder Woman don’t care. Wonder Woman do what she want. She don’t give no shit.

i like how barry gives no shits. he just goes with it, even throws his arm around her. like, if he’s just been waiting for an exceptionally large badass woman to pick him up bridal style, and carry him.

I’d imagine it’s an honor to be carried by Wonder Woman.

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and i will always be wonder woman

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Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

This is sickening.

I went to a school like this when I was in grade six. My inhalers were locked up in the office, and I was having an attack. My memories are a bit foggy (I couldn’t breathe after all) but I recall my twin sister and somebody else wheeling me all the way to the office in a computer chair. Thankfully I was lucky and got my meds in time; I ended up off school for a week and a half recovering.

This shit is scary. Rescue inhalers should be on the person of the child who NEEDS them, and if they are too young then they should be with the caregiver. There is absolutely no excuse to keep RESCUE MEDICATIONS locked up away from the people who need them FAST.

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How can anyone fucking praise the person who is leaking these pictures, yall can’t imagine how horrifying it must be to have such private photos all over the internet. Instead of praising that person maybe you should think of how fucking disgusting and creepy and terrible that hacker must be for doing such a fucking evil thing just for the money.

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like me …

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